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Company History.

DataFast Technologies Inc. has been in business since January 1, 1992.  Initially the company started out selling and maintaining personal computers, printers and software to small business and individuals.  Today it continues to sell computer hardware, software, networking equipment with particular focus on all aspects of data communications and networking.  The Network focus includes the design, sale, installation, configuration and troubleshooting of today’s multi-protocol, multi-vendor Local and Wide Area Networks.  The company specializes in Network Design, Installation, Configuration and Trouble Resolution on all network components including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless, Voice over IP Phones and SIP.  We specialize in Cisco network products but also have knowledge and experience in many other network vendor’s products, including Riverbed Stealheads and Citrix NetScaler, to name a few.  We also provide Telecommunication System service such as data and voice wiring, voice and data circuits ordering, installation, testing  and maintenance, interfacing with Telco vendors,  VoIP phone systems and voice mail systems. Our customers include small to medium sized business, Fortune 500 firms and State and City Governments.  



Providing Network Consulting, Installation, Security, Troubleshootiung and Sales
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